Magical Mystery Tour 2019

The activity includes the realization of 3 tastings, 3 walk around tastings, excursions, lunches / dinners, among others; where educational talks from our sector will be included.

A select group of buyers (23) from the focus cities of the United States (Tx, NY, Boston and DC) and Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, WC) will be invited to live a unique experience in Easter Island where It will mix wine, gastronomy (fruits, salmon, nuts, oil, (...)

Carmenere Promotion

The activity will be done in NY / NJ / DC / BOS / TEX.

This activity seeks to give relevance to this variety in the month of its re-discovery. It is an activity that has been carried out a couple of years ago, in social networks with great success. This year we will try to give it a greater importance and make (...)


The activities are carried out in the market as well as to support the most relevant journals and with this, maintain relationships and ensure potential journeys of its editors.

This activity contemplates the investment in media that is required, to support the activities that are carried out in the market as well as to support the most relevant journals (Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast) and with this, maintain relationships and en (...)

Wines of Chile Academy

The objective is to educate and certify consumers of wine clubs as well as students of MBA schools, law schools, doctors, among others.

This activity will be developed in order to meet a growing need in the American consumer, focused on raising awareness and understanding of Chilean wine. The content of the course is inspired by what was successfully done in the Chinese market but adapted t (...)

Sommelier Chile Challenge

The objective is to break preconceptions about Chilean wines on the trade and show them to the sommeliers.

Very interesting activity on the part of the trade, especially sommeliers, and which consists in carrying out a blind tasting of 50 Chilean wines and other markets of origin, distributed in 6 categories. The sommeliers will be asked to taste the wines and t (...)